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Croquet Canada

Croquet Canada is the national association which guides the development of the sport within Canada. They are also the conduit through which players can connect to the competitive and social aspects of croquet in other countries around the world.


Croquet Scores

Find lastest croquet results here!

Detailed results from all around the world in Association and Golf Croquet.


The Croquet Association U.K.

The Croquet Association (CA) is the national governing body for the sport of Croquet in England.

Synopsis of Association croquet and Golf Croquet available as well as online access to the CA shop


United States Croquet Association

The United States Croquet Association fosters croquet in all its forms: from the familiar nine wickets game, through the popular Golf Croquet, to the modern sport with six wickets. There are USCA-affiliated clubs and tournaments across the United States and Canada.


World Croquet Federation

The World Croquet Federation is the international organising body for the sport of croquet. The WCF's main function is to act as the overall co-ordinating body for the sport. Its main responsibilities are to organise World Championships, facilitate development of the games and maintain effective liaison with its Members.

Croquet Rankings

Comprehensive record of player rankings in comptetion events

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